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iComply: Paper submission deadline extended to May 25, 2010


First Workshop on Law Compliancy Issues in Organisational Systems and 

6 July 2010,
European University Institute, Fiesole, Firenze, Italy (co-located with 
DEON 2010)


This Workshop aims at exchanging ideas and stimulating discussion on
the problems that compliance raises at every level of Information
System design.

In the Internet era, information systems are increasing in complexity
and bind together software and hardware resources, physical and
electronic services, human and virtual agents, to collect, elaborate
and dispatch information of any kind, anywhere, and for any purpose.
In this fluid world, there has been a steady increase in regulatory
instruments: laws, regulations, industrial standards, and company
policies constrain functionalities and behaviors of information
systems, imposing compliance. However, as information system primarily
exist to satisfy stakeholder needs, information system engineering and
re-engineering techniques focus on objectives and strategic choices of
stakeholders, and do not natively support the capability to produce
norm-aligned designs. Thus the impact of laws and regulations may be
technologically difficult and economically disruptive on systems that
need to comply.

To address these challenges, we need to develop representation
languages for describing legal concepts and specifying organisational
strategies compliant with a set of laws as well as systematic
processes for checking whether a given set of organisational
strategies is compliant with a set of laws.

The Workshop is centered on the problems related to the impact of laws
on organizational strategies, business processes and requirements for
organizational information systems and focuses on the following

Knowledge representation

  * Formal/informal representations of IS design choices under
normative constraints (such as logics or ontologies)
  * Parallel representation and comparison of norms and strategies,
business processes and requirements
  * Representation of norms via semi-formal or formal languages
  * Merging the representation of norms with the representation of
organizational strategies and business processes

Analysis techniques

  * Systematic process to argue about compliance of strategies with norms
  * Formal checking of norms/strategies compliancy
  * Evaluating the impact of compliance choices on the strategy
  * Representing and evaluating costs of compliance w.r.t. costs of


  * Systematic processes from norms and strategies sources to the
formal representation
  * From informal laws representation to formal (logics, ontologies, other?)
  * Ensuring alignment between formal representation of norms and
their informal source
  * Ensuring alignment between formal representation of strategeis
and their informal source

Application areas

  * Production, verification of normative properties in some contexts
  * e-Government, e-Health, e-Commerce, e-Voting, e-*
  * Distributed systems, cloud computing, virtual enterprises

Program Committee

Daniel Amyot - University of Ottawa, Canada
Guido Boella - University of Torino, Italy
Enrico Francesconi - University of Firenze, Italy
Guido Governatori - NICTA Queensland Research Laboratory, Australia
Nicola Guarino - LOA-CNR, Italy
John Mylopoulos - University of Trento, Italy
Anna Perini - FBK-Irst, Italy
Giovanni Sartor - EUI, Italy
Alberto Siena - FBK-Irst, Italy
Angelo Susi - FBK-Irst, Italy
Daniela Tiscornia, ITTIG-CNR, Italy


Contributions should be 5 pages max in LNCS format, (see

All submissions should be sent to: icomply (at) fbk.eu (Subject : iComply10)
Important Dates:

25 May 2010 Send submission, in pdf format (extended deadline)
4 June 2010 Notification
6 July 2010 iComply'10 in Fiesole, Firenze, Italy

For further questions contact: icomply (at) fbk.eu.

Angelo Susi  susi at fbk.eu
Fondazione Bruno Kessler - IRST CIT
Via Sommarive, 18
I-38123 - Trento, Povo - ITALY
Phone: +39 0461 314344
Fax: +39 0461 302040

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