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Defining ontology and rule languages for the semantic web poses several
challenges to knowledge representation (KR) research in description
logics and their hybridizations with clausal logics. Specifying
ontologies and rules is a very demanding task also from the knowledge
acquisition viewpoint. Yet, it could be partially automated by applying
machine learning (ML) methods and techniques, especially those following
the logic-based approach also known as Inductive Logic Programming.

The tutorial will provide in four hours a survey of research in KR and
ML, which can support the management of semantic web ontologies and
rules with both deductive and inductive reasoning. The ultimate goal is
to show that the semantic web is an AI-intensive application area. The
tutorial is expected to be profitable for Ph.D students, young
researchers or professionals with a strong background in logics in AI,
expertise in either KR or ML, and interest in the semantic web. Each
member of the target group will benefit from the tutorial in different
ways depending on her profile. For example, KR researchers will learn
more about non-standard reasoning tasks, like induction, which are
peculiar to ML. Conversely, ML researchers will get acquainted with KR
issues raised by the advent of the semantic web.

Please register at: https://www.aaai.org/Forms/aaai-registration-form.php


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