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*Future Fellowships* are lucrative 5 year research appointments. You get to
enjoy the exciting Australian Research environment and a lot of sunny
weather, however as you would expect, they are extremely competitive (need a
trackrecord of top journals and conferences).

If you are interested in applying, a good way to proceed is to contact the
most senior researcher in your area of expertise currently working at an
Australian University, e.g. UNSW, U Melbourne, U Sydney, U Queensland, U
Western Australia, ....

I am looking to attract and sponsor Future Fellows in three highly specific

   1. *Cognitive Robotics and Knowledge Representation*. My research group
   has several robots and a new joint NAO Robot Soccer Team with the top
   Chinese Team at the University of Science and Technology China which will
   compete at RoboCup 2010 (we were the top team in 2004 and runners up in
   2008). We explore the fascinating nexus of KR and real robot design.
   2.  *Autonomous Technologies* including socio-legal issues, and
   3.  *Innovative* *AI/KR approaches to Information Privacy Management*.

 *Funding Available: Future Fellowships 2010*

* *

The *Future Fellowships* scheme provides opportunities for outstanding
mid-career researchers from a variety of disciplines to conduct high
quality, innovative research in Australia.

The objectives of the *Future Fellowships* scheme are to:

·         attract and retain outstanding mid-career researchers;

·         build collaboration across industry and/or research institutions
and/or disciplines;

·         support research in national priorities across all disciplines
that will result in economic, environmental, social, health or cultural
benefits for Australia; and

·         strengthen Australia’s research capacity by supporting innovative,
internationally competitive research.

The ARC will award up to 200 *Future Fellowships* this year, and successful
applicants will commence their Fellowship in July 2010.

*Eligibility Criteria*

·         Fellowship candidates must have been awarded a PhD between 21
April 1995 and 21 April 2005

·         Australian and international researchers are eligible to apply

·         Future Fellows must reside predominantly and carry out the
research in Australia

*ARC resources*

·         ‘Funding Rules’ are now available from the ARC website:

·         ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ are also available from the ARC at:

·         ‘Eligibility Exemption Requests’ forms can be downloaded at :

Professor Mary-Anne Williams
Director, Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory
University of Technology, Sydney
NSW 2007 Australia
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