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-----------------------------------------Extended Deadline : 8th March 

1st International Workshop on Formalisms and Methodology for Learning by 
Reading (FAM-LbR)
NAACL 2010 Workshop
June 5-6, 2010
(http://www.rutumulkar.com/FAM-LbR.php )

Call for Papers
It has been a long term vision of Artificial Intelligence to develop 
Learning by Reading systems that can capture knowledge from naturally 
occurring texts, convert it into a deep logical notation and perform 
some inferences/reasoning on them. Such systems directly build on 
relatively mature areas of research, including Information Extraction 
(for picking out relevant information from the text), Commonsense and AI 
Reasoning (for deriving inferences from the knowledge acquired), 
Bootstrapped Learning (for using the learned knowledge to expand the 
knowledge base) and Question Answering (for providing evaluation 
mechanisms for Learning by Reading systems). In Natural Language 
Processing, statistical learning techniques have provided new solutions 
and breakthroughs in various areas over the last decade. In Knowledge 
Representation and Reasoning, systems have achieved impressive 
performance and scale in far more complex problems than the past.

Learning by Reading is a two-part process. One part deals with 
extracting interesting information from naturally occurring texts, and 
the other is to use this extracted knowledge to expand the knowledge 
base and consequently the system's inference capabilities. Previous 
systems have chosen either a "broad and shallow" or a "narrow and deep" 
knowledge acquisition and reasoning strategy. These techniques are 
constrained by either their limited reasoning ability or their extreme 
domain dependence.

The goal of this workshop is to draw together researchers to explore the 
nature and degree of integration possible between symbolic and 
statistical techniques for knowledge acquisition and reasoning. In 
particular, given these developments, what is the role of commonsense 
knowledge and reasoning in language understanding? What are the 
limitations of each style of processing, and how can they be overcome by 
complementary strengths of the other? What are appropriate evaluation 
metrics for Learning by Reading systems?

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to)
------------------------------ ----------------------
Unguided and targeted (goal-directed) machine reading
Wikipedia and web based machine reading
Knowledge extraction from text vs. using pre-built knowledge resources
Learning temporal sequences, causality, and other semantics from text
Bridging knowledge gaps in text through inference
Ontology learning or expansion
Knowledge Integration into evolving models
Abductive/deductive, commonsense, and other reasoning
Bootstrapping learning by Reading systems

We specifically invite papers of two kinds:
- innovative ideas and new approaches that have had some but not 
exhaustive testing
- empirical results based on tested ideas that provide baselines for 
future work

Important Dates
Mar 8, 2010     Submission due date    <------ NOTE: NEW DEADLINE
Mar 30, 2010     Notification of acceptance
Apr 12, 2010     Camera ready papers due
Jun 5-6, 2010     Workshops

Submission Instructions
Authors are invited to submit papers on original, unpublished work. 
Submissions should be formatted using the NAACL 2010 stylefiles 
<http://naaclhlt2010.isi.edu/authors.html>, and must not exceed 8 pages. 
Reviewing will be blind. All submissions must be made online through the 
START system <https://www.softconf.com/naaclhlt2010/FAMLbR/>. Please 
visit the workshop website: http://www.rutumulkar.com/FAM-LbR.php for 
more information.

FAM-LbR is held with NAACL 2010 (June 1-6, 2010) in downtown Los 
Angeles. Local information can be found from the conference website 

Related Workshops and Conferences
------------------------------ ----
Machine Reading, AAAI Spring Symposium 2007 
Learning by Reading and Learning to Read, AAAI Spring Symposium 2009 
K-CAP 2009 (http://kcap09.stanford.edu/)

Rutu Mulkar-Mehta
James Allen
Jerry Hobbs
Eduard Hovy
Bernardo Magnini
Chris Manning

Contact Information
Please email Rutu Mulkar-Mehta (me at rutumulkar.com 
<mailto:me at rutumulkar.com>) for any further questions.

* Rutu Mulkar-Mehta *
4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 1001,
Marina Del Rey

email: me at rutumulkar.com <mailto=me at rutumulkar.com>
url: http://www.rutumulkar.com
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