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                       CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                          *** KR 2010 ***

    Twelfth International Conference on  Principles of Knowledge
                    Representation and Reasoning

                  Toronto, Canada, May 9-13, 2010.

Collocated with  AAMAS-10, NMR-10, ICAPS-10, FOIS-10  (all in Toronto)
             and DL 2010 (in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

                   Website: http://kr.org/KR2010/

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR&R) is a vibrant and
exciting field of human endeavour.  KR&R techniques are key drivers of
innovation in computer science, and they have led to significant
advances in practical applications in a wide range of areas from
Artificial Intelligence to Software Engineering.

Explicit representations of knowledge manipulated by reasoning engines
are an integral and crucial component of intelligent systems. Semantic
web technologies, the design of software agents and bio-Informatics
technologies, in particular, provide significant challenges for KR&R.

We intend KR2010 to be a forum for the exchange of new ideas, issues,
and results among the community of researchers in the principles and
practices of KR&R systems.

Practical information:

REGISTRATION will soon be online at


ACCOMODATION information can be found here:


Note that the deadline for the early-bird hotel rate is *February 8th*!
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