[PlanetKR] Call for Participation: 4th Int. Conf. on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR 2010) - Bressanone, Italy, Sep. 22-24, 2010

Diego Calvanese calvanese at inf.unibz.it
Wed Aug 18 16:16:56 EST 2010

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4th Int. Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR 2010)
Bressanone/Brixen, Italy
September 22-24, 2010


Co-located with:
- the 6th Workshop on Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives (SWAP 2010),
- the 1st Int. Workshop on Business Models, Business Rules and Ontologies (BuRO 2010)
- the 3rd KRDB school on Trends in the Web of Data (KRDBs 2010)


- Regular registration deadline: Aug. 31, 2010
- Student early registration deadline: Aug. 31, 2010



The International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR) is
a major forum for discussion and dissemination of new results
concerning Web Reasoning and Rule Systems. RR 2010 builds on the
success of the first three International Conferences on Web Reasoning
and Rule Systems (see http://www.rr-conference.org/), held in
Innsbruck, Austria (2007), Karlsruhe, Germany (2008), and Chantilly,
Virginia, USA (2009), which received enthusiastic support from the Web
Reasoning community. In 2010, RR will continue the excellence of the
new series and aim to attract the best Web Reasoning and Rules
researchers from all over the world.

- Datalog+-: Rule-Based Languages for Ontological Reasoning and Query Answering
  Georg Gottlob (Oxford University, UK)

- Data Validation with OWL Integrity Constraints
  Evren Sirin (Clark & Parsia, USA)

- SPARQL1.1: new features and friends (OWL2, RIF)
  Axel Polleres (DERI Galway), National University of Ireland (Galway, Ireland)


* Redundancy Elimination on RDF Graphs in the Presence of Rules, Constraints, and Queries
  R. Pichler, A. Polleres, S. Skritek, S. Woltran

* A Rule-Based Language for Complex Event Processing and Reasoning
  D. Anicic, P. Fodor, S. Rudolph, R. Stuehmer, N. Stojanovic, R. Studer

* Query-Based Access Control for Ontologies
  M. Knechtel and H. Stuckenschmidt

* Defeasibility in Answer Set Programs via Argumentation Theories
  H. Wan, M. Kifer, B. Grosof.

* Extending Paraconsistent SROIQ
  F. Maier

* A Rule-Based Approach to XML Processing and Web Reasoning
  J. Coelho, B. Dundua, M. Florido, T. Kutsia

* Learning to Rank Individuals in Description Logics Using Kernel
  N. Fanizzi, C. d'Amato, F. Esposito

* On the Termination of the Chase Algorithm
  M. Meier

* Processing RIF and OWL2RL within DLVHEX
  P. Obermeier, M. Marano, and A. Polleres.

* Inconsistency-Tolerant Semantics for Description Logics
  D. Lembo, M. Lenzerini, R. Rosati, M. Ruzzi, D.F. Savo.

* Usability of a Visual Language for DL Concept Descriptions
  F. Naufel do Amaral.

* Secrecy-Preserving Query Answering for EL
  J. Tao, G. Slutzki, V. Honavar.

* A RESTful SWRL Rule Editor
  C. Keßler.

* A Step Toward Tight Integration of Fuzzy Ontological Reasoning with Forward Rules
  S. Bragaglia, D. Sottara, F. Chesani, P. Mello.

* KWilt: A Semantic Patchwork for Flexible Access to Heterogeneous Knowledge
  K. Weiand, S. Hausmann, T. Furche, F. Bry

* Analyzing the AIR Language: A Semantic Web (Production) Rules Language
  A. Khandelwal, J. Bao, L. Kagal, I. Jacobi, L. Ding, J. Hendler

* A Probabilistic Abduction Engine for Media Interpretation based on Ontologies
  O. Gries, R. Möller, A. Nafissi, M. Rosenfeld, K. Sokolski, M. Wessel

* On the Semantic Relationship between Datalog and Description Logics
  M. Krötzsch, S. Rudolph, P. Schmitt

* A Rule-Based System for End-User E-Mail Annotations
  G. Fiumara, M. Marchi, R. Pagano, A. Provetti

* A RPL through RDF: Expressive Navigation in RDF Graphs
  H. Zauner, B. Linse, T. Furche, F. Bry

* Composition of Semantic Web Services in a Constructive Description Logic
  L. Bozzato, M. Ferrari

* Embeddings of Simple Modular Extended RDF
  C. Viegas Damásio, A. Analyti, G. Antoniou


General Chair
- José Júlio Alferes (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)

Program Chairs
- Pascal Hitzler (Wright State University, USA)
- Thomas Lukasiewicz (Oxford University, UK)

Local Arrangements
- Diego Calvanese (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
- Mariano Rodríguez-Muro (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)

Sponsorship Chair
- Krzysztof Janowicz (Pennsylvania State University, USA)


* 6th Workshop on Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives
  (SWAP 2010)

* 1st Int. Workshop on Business Models, Business Rules and Ontologies
  (BuRO 2010)

* 3rd KRDB school on Trends in the Web of Data (KRDBs 2010)

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