[PlanetKR] NMR 2010: CFP

Evgenia (Eugenia) Ternovska ter at cs.sfu.ca
Fri Nov 20 10:54:14 EST 2009

(NMR 2010)

   (Collocated with KR 2010, ICAPS 2010, FOIS 2010 and AAMAS 2010)
   Sutton Place hotel, Toronto, Canada, May 14-16, 2010

*Submission deadline: January 29, 2010.  Notification: March 1, 2010


* The NMR workshop series is the premier specialized forum for  
researchers in
    non-monotonic reasoning and related areas. This will be the 13th  
workshop in
    the series. Its aim is to bring together active researchers in the  
broad area of
    non-monotonic reasoning, including belief revision, reasoning  
about actions,
    argumentation, declarative programming, preferences, non-monotonic
    reasoning for ontologies, uncertainty, and other related topics.

   NMR 2010 will be composed of six specialized sub-workshops:
    * Argument, Dialog and Decision
    * Declarative Programming for NMR
    * Action and Belief Change
    * Preferences and Norm
    * Commonsense and NMR for Ontologies
    * NMR and Uncertainty

* Topics of Interest: NMR'10 welcomes the submission of papers broadly  
    on issues and research in non-monotonic reasoning. We welcome  
papers of
    either a theoretical or practical nature. Topics of interest  
include (but are not
    limited to): foundations of non-monotonic reasoning, default  
    representing actions and planning, belief revision and information  
    reasoning and decision-making under uncertainty, answer set  
    belief updating and inconsistency handling,  similarity-based  
    empirical studies of reasoning strategies,  argument-based non- 
monotonic logics,
    abductive reasoning, algorithms and implementations, non-monotonic  
logics in
    multi-agent interaction, including negotiation and dispute  
    non-monotonic reasoning for ontologies, declarative programming for
    non-monotonic reasoning, and reasoning with preferences.

* Submission of Paper: Papers should be submitted to the appropriate  
    if it is not clear which sub-workshop is most appropriate, please  
contact the program
    chairs for clarification.

* Programme committee

Richard Booth (University of Luxembourg and Mahasarakham University),
Marc Denecker (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven),
Marina De Vos (University of Bath),
Alfredo Gabaldon (New University of Lisbon),
Gabriele Kern-Isberner University of Leipzig),
Frederic Koriche (Université Montpellier II),
Tommie Meyer (Meraka Institute, South Africa)
Henri Prade (Université Paul Sabatier),
Iyad Rahwan (British University in Dubai),
Guillermo R. Simari (Universidad Nacional del Sur)
Eugenia Ternovska (Simon Fraser University),
Ivan José Varzinczak (Meraka Institute),
Leon Van Der Torre (University of Luxembourg),
Renata Wassermann (Universidade de São Paulo).

* Programme Co-Chairs

Tommie Meyer (Meraka Institute)
Eugenia Ternovska (Simon Fraser University)

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