[PlanetKR] Call for Participation, Commonsense-2009 (discounted hotel rates until May 14!)

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                          *COMMONSENSE 2009*
                 Ninth International Symposium on
          Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning

         June 1-3, 2009, Fields Institute, University of Toronto, Canada

                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

We invite participation in the Ninth International Symposium on Logical
Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning, which will be held at the Fields
Institute on the campus of the University of Toronto June 1-3, 2009.  The
symposium is dedicated to the memory and scientific contributions of Ray
Reiter (1939-2002), a world leader in cognitive robotics and formal

Symposium Overview
The biannual Commonsense Symposia series provides a forum for exploring one
of the
long-term goals of Artificial Intelligence, endowing computers with common
sense. Although
we know how to build programs that excel at certain bounded or mechanical
tasks which
humans find difficult, such as playing chess, we still have very little idea
how to program
computers to do well at commonsense tasks which are easy for humans. One
approach to
this problem is to formalize commonsense reasoning using formal languages
such as mathematical logic.

The symposium aims to bring together researchers who have studied the
formalization of commonsense reasoning. The focus of the symposium is on
representation rather than on algorithms, and on formal rather than informal

Commonsense-2009 will consist of invited talks, presentations based on
peer-reviewed paper submissions, and panels on specific topics of special
interest to the formal commonsense reasoning community.

The symposium website can be found at http://commonsensereasoning.org/2009 ;

accepted papers can be found at
http://commonsensereasoning.org/2009/papers.html .

Invited Speakers:
Anthony G Cohn, Leeds University
Ernest Davis, New York University
Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto

Registration Fees:
Regular: $ 125 (Canadian dollars)
Student: $  40  (Canadian dollars)

The conference dinner is included for all regular participants and students
with accepted papers. Additional conference dinner tickets can be purchased
for $30 per ticket.

To register by credit card, please visit
http://www.fields.utoronto.ca/programs/scientific/08-09/commonsense/ .

A limited number of hotel rooms have been reserved at the Holiday Inn
Mid-Town (Can. $129) and Super 8 Hotel (Can. $89).

For more information and instructions on how to make reservations, please

Note that the cutoff date for rooms at this discounted rate at the Holiday
Inn is May 14 and for Super 8 is May 18. So, please, hurry!

Organizing Committee:
Hojjat Ghaderi, University of Toronto (Local Organizing Chair)
Sheila McIlraith, University of Toronto
Hector Levesque, University of Toronto

Symposium Chairs:
Gerhard Lakemeyer, Aachen University of Technology
Leora Morgenstern, New York University
Mary-Anne Williams, University of Technology, Sydney

For further information, please contact the program chairs or local
organizing chair
( gerhard "at" informatik "dot" rwth-aachen "dot" de
 Mary-Anne "at" it "dot" uts "dot" edu "dot" au
 leora "at" cs "dot" nyu "dot" edu
hojjat "at" cs "dot" toronto "dot" edu  )
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