[PlanetKR] Preliminary CFP: Intelligent Information Privacy Management AAAI Symposium

Mary-Anne Williams Mary-Anne at it.uts.edu.au
Sat Jul 18 23:11:42 EST 2009

*AAAI Spring Symposium 2010

**Intelligent Information Privacy Management*

Unlocking and harvesting value embedded in personal information can lead to
disclosure of private information and subsequent harm. Business practices
for personal information management are subject to privacy law; however law
is jurisdiction based and information is typically collected across
different economies with a wide range of cultural attitudes, social norms,
business practices and legal frameworks for privacy.
        The symposium will focus on fresh and intelligent multidisciplinary
approaches to information privacy management. It will develop a better
understanding of the underlying tension between transparency and disclosure
in the privacy verses business strategy arena. There is a significant and
growing need to use intelligent technology-enabled tools and techniques to
assist users to monitor and manage their personal information and its usage
in a more transparent proactive fashion.
        Individuals possess a digital footprint that applications can
discover and exploit. Individuals can be advantaged by increased the
relevance of services offered, however if privacy is not adequately
protected then personal information is disclosed and privacy compromised.
         The underlying nature of the web and how it is used has changed
dramatically over the last decade creating a profound need for smarter more
effective privacy management. There are major advantages in pursuing a best
practices approach because personal information flows that respect privacy
promote sustainable innovation in technology-enabled services. Trust plays
an important role in privacy management and without trust consumers avoid
engagement, they minimize or falsify responses, and as result business
opportunities are missed, and innovation is retarded.

Topics include:
•    Privacy Leadership and Governance
•    Privacy Principles, Policies and Procedures
•    Privacy Requirements
•    Privacy Management Best Business Practice
•    Information Privacy Protection
•    Information Privacy Law
•    Privacy and Information Aggregation and Integration
•    Privacy Codes of Practice
•    Personally Identifiable Information
•    Privacy Related Laws and Global Issues
•    Intelligent Privacy Management Technologies
•    Privacy in Social Networks and Recommender Systems
•    The Role of Trust and Risk Management in Privacy Protection

*Organizing Committee*

*Michael Genesereth*
Center for Computers and Law
Computer Science Department
Stanford University, USA
eMail: genesereth at stanford.edu

*Mary-Anne Williams*
Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory,
Center for Quantum Computation and Intelligent Systems
University of Technology, Sydney Australia
eMail:  mary-anne at it.uts.edu.au

Important Dates*

    * *Submission deadline: October 2, 2009* (11:59pm in San Francisco)
    * Notification date: November 6, 2009
    * Camera ready submission deadline (accepted papers): December 15, 2009
       Registration Opens: February 26, 2010
    * Symposium: March 22-24, 2009

Professor Mary-Anne Williams
Director, Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory
University of Technology, Sydney
NSW 2007 Australia
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