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Practical Cognitive Agents and Robots

May 10 or May 11, 2010

Toronto, Canada


Mobile autonomous robots can perform complex tasks in unstructured and
dynamic environments. Advances in autonomous mobile robotics over the last
decade have been extraordinary, and the potential for future scientific
breakthroughs and applications is breathtaking. However, a number of
bottlenecks to future advancement have been identified such as building
cognitive robots that are aware of what they are doing, and that can adapt
to changing conditions and requirements.

This workshop seeks to advance the research frontier by developing a new
understanding of cognition and using it to equip robots to deal with novel
and surprising experiences.

This workshop aims at soliciting research ideas and results from practical
research on implementing knowledge representation and high-level reasoning
into mobile autonomous robots. Papers on autonomous robots in general are
all welcome, but the following areas are highly encouraged,

·       Grounding representations to sensorimotor experiences

·       Representing knowledge and know-how in robots

·       Inter-robot and human-robot interaction and communication

·       Inter-robot and human-robot cooperation and collaboration

·      Awareness, attention and anticipation

·       Semantic Web or agent applications for robots

·       Cognitive Robotics

·       Robot perception, planning, and embodiment

·       Autonomous Multi-robot exploration, navigation and collaboration

·       Intelligent robotic applications

·       Autonomous agents and the Law

PCAR 2010 will be an opportunity to step back from technical details, and
discuss the broader-picture applications of theory and philosophy in
practical systems. We are interested in designing and building robots that:
can adapt to changing environments; understand what they are doing and their
context in the world; and understand the relationship between internal and
external representations of the world. We see theory as crucial to solving
the technical bottlenecks. We intend to focus the workshop conversation
around symbol grounding, intelligence dynamics, representing tactics in
soccer or multi-robot coordination and cooperation, and how one might
construct robots that actually know what they are doing. PCAR 2010 will be
discussion-oriented workshop spanning one day. Short talks by distinguished
invited speakers will serve as cues for open discussion on the pressing
philosophical and technical challenges involved in applying knowledge
representation and artificial intelligence to the practice of cognitive
Important Dates

    *Submission:*  FEBRUARY 2, 2010

    *Notification of Acceptance: *MARCH 2, 2010**

    *Camera Ready: *MARCH 12, 2010**

    *Early Bird Registration:  *MARCH 12, 2010**

    *Symposium:  * May 10 or May 11, 2010
Paper Submission and Publication

We are seeking three kinds of contributions related to the workshop topics.

1.     Technical full papers detail innovative algorithms, solutions and
theoretical treatment of one or more issues of interest.

2.     Short position papers identify challenging issues and propose
visionary solutions with strong basis on the state of the art.

3.     Demo papers explain practical applications of the theoretical
development in KR and AI.

All papers should be prepared using the AMMAS Proceeding Guidelines. Papers
can be up to 8 pages in length. Accepted papers will be published by ACM
Digital Library, and the author will hold copyright. We may explore
possibilities for a Special Issue in a relevant journal depending on the
quality of submissions.

All papers should be submitted electronically at PCAR 2010 website through
the link to EasyChair.
Organising Committee

* *

*Wei Liu (Chair) and Anthony Blond*

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

University of Western Australia

* *

*Xiaoping Chen*

Computer Science Department

University of Science and Technology of China

*Benjamin Johnston*

Faculty of Economics and Business

University of Sydney, Australia

*Rony Novianto, Xun Wang and Mary-Anne Williams*

Innovation and Enterprise Research Laboratory

University of Technology, Sydney Australia

Program Committee <still under construction>

Chitta Baral, Arizona State University, USA

Salem Benferhat, Universite d'Artois, France

Gamini Dissanayake, University of Technology, Sydney

Patrick Doherty, University of Linkoping, Sweden

Eyal Amir, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

Peter Gärdenfors, Lund University

Michael Genesereth, Stanford University

Yaochu Jin, Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH, Germany,

Birger Johansson, University of Technology, Sydney

Gerhard Lakemeyer, Aachen University of Technology, Germany

Pedro Lima, Lisbon Technical University, Portugal

Fangzhen Lin, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China

Cara MacNish, University of Western Australia, Australia

Aarati Martino, Google Inc, USA

Sheila McIlaith, University of Toronto

Leora Morgenstern, New York University, USA

Don Perlis, University of Maryland, USA

Roland Philippsen, Stanford University, USA

David Poole, University of British Columbia, Canada

Kanna Rajan, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, USA

Thomas Rofer, University of Bremen, Germany

Erik Sandewall, University of Linkoping, Sweden

Oskar von Stryk, Technische Universitaet Darmstadt, Germany

Michael Theilscher, University of New South Wales, Australia

Peter Turner, Tribotix, Australia

Ubbo Visser, University of Bremen, Germany

Glenn Wightwick, IBM Australia Development Labs

Kui Yuan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Hongbin Zha, Peking University, China

Professor Mary-Anne Williams
Gates 222, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab
Stanford University, CA 94305-8610
Google Voice:  (650) 646-4391
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