[PlanetKR] TARK XII Preliminary Call for Papers

Joe Halpern halpern at cs.cornell.edu
Mon Dec 8 02:19:27 EST 2008

*Preliminary Call for Papers*

Twelfth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge 

July 6-8, 2009
Stanford University

Conference web page <http://ai.stanford.edu/%7Eepacuit/tark09/index.html>

About the Conference

The mission of the TARK conferences is to bring together
researchers from a wide variety of fields, including Artificial
Intelligence, Cryptography, Distributed Computing, Economics and
Game Theory, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, in order to
further our understanding of interdisciplinary issues involving
reasoning about rationality and knowledge. Topics of interest
include, but are not limited to, semantic models for knowledge,
belief, and uncertainty, bounded rationality and resource-bounded
reasoning, commonsense epistemic reasoning, epistemic logic,
knowledge and action, applications of reasoning about knowledge
and other mental states, belief revision, and foundations of
multi-agent systems.

Submissions are now invited to TARK-XII. *Abstracts can be
submitted here:  <http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=tark2009>. 
Strong  preference will be given to papers whose topic is of interest to
an interdisciplinary audience, and papers should be accessible to
such an audience. Papers will be held to the usual high standards
of research publications. In particular, they should 1) contain
enough information to enable the program committee to identify the
main contribution of the work; 2) explain the significance of the
work -- its novelty and its practical or theoretical implications;
and 3) include comparisons with and references to relevant

Abstracts should be no longer than ten double-spaced pages (4,000
words). Optional technical details such as proofs may be included
in an appendix. An email address of the contact author should be
included. Papers arriving late or departing significantly from
these guidelines risk immediate rejection.  One author of each
accepted paper will be expected to present the paper at the

Economists should be aware that special arrangements have been
made with certain economics journals (in particular, with
International Journal of Game Theory, Games and Economic Behavior,
Journal of Economic Theory, and Mathematical Social Sciences, so that
publication of an extended abstract in TARK will not prejudice 
publication of a full journal version.

TARK XII will have a partial overlap with the Tenth ACM Conference
on Electronic Commerce (EC'09) <http://www.sigecom.org/ec09/> at
Stanford University

Key Dates:

Submission of Abstracts: March 2, 2009
Notification of Authors: April 27, 2009
Camera ready copy of accepted papers: June 10, 2009
Conference: July 6-8, 2009, Stanford University

Program Committee:
Krzysztof Apt <http://homepages.cwi.nl/%7Eapt/>, Centrum voor Wiskunde & 
Johan van Benthem <http://staff.science.uva.nl/%7Ejohan>, University of 
Amsterdam and Stanford University
Felix Brandt  <http://www.tcs.informatik.uni-muenchen.de/%7Ebrandtf/>, 
University of Munich
Amanda Friedenberg, Arizona State University
Rica Gonen <http://www.ricagonen.com/>, Yahoo! Research
Joe Halpern <http://www.cs.cornell.edu/home/halpern/>, Cornell University
Gil Kalai,  The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Daniel Lehmann <http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/%7Elehmann/>, The Hebrew 
University of Jerusalem
Martin Meier, The Institute for Economic Analysis - CSIC, Barcelona
Eric Pacuit <http://ai.stanford.edu/%7Eepacuit>, Stanford University
Andres Perea <http://www.personeel.unimaas.nl/a.perea/>, Maastricht 
Riccardo Pucella <http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/riccardo/>, Northeastern 
Olivier Roy <http://www.philos.rug.nl/%7Eolivier/>, University of Groningen
Burkhard Schipper <http://www.econ.ucdavis.edu/faculty/schipper/>, 
University of California at Davis
Sonja Smets <http://www.vub.ac.be/CLEA/sonja/>, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Olivier Tercieux <http://www.pse.ens.fr/tercieux/>, CNRS and 
Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques

Program Chair:

Aviad Heifetz
The Department of Economics and Management
The Open University of Israel
108 Ravutski str., P.O. B. 808
Raanana 43107, Israel
Tel: +972-9-7781878
Fax: +972-9-7780668
e_mail: aviadhe at openu.ac.il_

Local Organizer:

Eric Pacuit <http://ai.stanford.edu/%7Eepacuit>
Department of Philosophy
Stanford University
Office: Bldg. 90, Room 92B
Office Number: (650) 723-4678
epacuit AT stanford DOT edu

Conference Chair:

Joseph Y. Halpern <http://www.cs.cornell.edu/home/halpern/>
Computer Science Department
Cornell University
Itacha, NY 14853
phone: +1 607 255 9562
fax: +1 607 255 4428
e-mail: halpern at cs.cornell.edu

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