[PlanetKR] CFP: Augustus De Morgan Workshop 2006

Mary-Anne Williams Mary-Anne at it.uts.edu.au
Sun Aug 13 13:48:32 EST 2006

Call for papers
"Belief revision, belief merging and social choice"
8 - 10 November 2006, King's College London, UK

Belief revision, belief merging and social choice theory share a number of
principles. Belief revision investigates the dynamics of the process of
belief change: when an agent is faced with new information which
contradicts his/her current beliefs, he/she will have to retract some of
the old beliefs in order to accommodate the new information consistently.
Recently, the problem of belief revision has been generalised to consider
the aggregation of potentially conflicting individual belief bases into a
collective one. This new area is called belief merging. On the other hand,
social choice deals with the aggregation of individual preferences to
decide on a collectively preferred outcome. Although there are clear
connections between these areas, the investigation of the relations
between them is quite new.

The aim of this workshop is to promote interaction between researchers of
these three disciplines and generate cross-fertilisation of ideas. As
such, we have invited leading researchers in belief revision, belief
merging and social choice theory to present their work, and we also invite
submissions of original papers and extended abstracts in related areas.

Topics  of interest include, but are not limited to:
* belief revision
* belief merging
* social choice theory
* decision making
* preference handling
* aggregation of preferences and judgments
* negotiations in multi-agent systems
* theories of order
* fuzzy preferences
* voting

* Submission deadline: September, 22nd
* Notification of acceptance: October, 2nd
* Registration: October, 9th
* Workshop: November, 8th-10th

Gerhard Brewka         (University of Leipzig, Germany)
Sebastien Konieczny  (CRIL, Lens, France)
Jerome Lang               (IRIT, Toulouse, France)
Christian List              (LSE, London, UK)
Francesca Rossi          (University of Padova, Italy)
Maurice Salles            (University of Caen, France)

Dov Gabbay (KCL)
Gabriella Pigozzi (KCL and Univ. of Luxembourg)
Odinaldo Rodrigues (KCL)

admw06 at gmail.com


Professor Mary-Anne Williams
   Innovation and Technology Research Laboratory
   Faculty of Information Technology
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