[PlanetKR] IJCAI-07 Workshop Proposal: Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action and Change

Mary-Anne Williams Mary-Anne at it.uts.edu.au
Wed Apr 26 17:26:12 EST 2006

Hello EveryOne,

A proposal to run an IJCAI Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action, 
and Change (NRAC) is currently under development for submission to 
IJCAI-07. An intelligent agent exploring a rich, dynamic world needs 
cognitive capabilities in addition to basic functionalities for 
perception and reaction. The abilities to reason nonmonotonically, to 
reason about actions, and to change beliefs in light of new information, 
have been identified as fundamental high-level cognitive functions 
necessary for common sense behaviour and language understanding. The 
first NRAC took place in 1995 and has been held at IJCAI ever since. Due 
to NRAC's relevance to a wide range of important applications Google Inc 
has agreed to provide sponsorship for NRAC in 2007.

As part of the proposal we have been asked to provide a list of 
potential attendees. If you are interested in attending NRAC at IJCAI-07 
in India please reply to this message as soon as possible. If you would 
like to be placed on the NRAC email list which will be used to keeep 
people abreast of future developments, please let us know.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Professor Mary-Anne Williams
    Innovation and Technology Research Laboratory
    Faculty of Information Technology
    University of Technology, Sydney
    Sydney NSW 2007 Australia

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